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Hey all. I'm pretty sure after a fair amount of inconclusive googling that I'll need to consult a CPA about my situation; can anybody recommend a good CPA in Atlanta? Here's the back story:

I'll be based in Puerto Rico for the next year and I can't figure out if I can contribute to my already established US Roth IRA while in Puerto Rico. My paychecks have already ceased withholding for federal taxes, so it doesn't seem likely that I can contribute untaxed funds to my IRA. Could I still contribute to my IRA and just pay taxes on the contributions, or am I SOL for this years' contributions?

Also, I'll be in Atlanta for the next three weeks if anyone wants to grab a beer.


Time to make a shell corporation and send income back to that, and then pay yourself from the shell. ;)

Or get a consult from a CPA or tax lawyer.


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If you’re on the south side of town, call Bevillard & Rodgers and talk to Shelly. She does the taxes for all of my companies.