ATL Commuter Parking

I might be commuting out of ATL for the foreseeable future. Some old threads mentioned parking at the Marriott, but after talking with someone at the front desk it doesn't look like that's offered anymore.

Any suggestions? I heard on airport parking requires SIDA...

Thanks in advance.

Ash Williams

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The ATL Westin Hotel is 75/month.

The good:
- Reliable shuttle every 20 minutes.
- Covered parking garage area is available.
- Security cameras.
- I haven't had my car broken into yet.
- The drivers are friendly and don't drive crazy. They'll drop you off at KCM.

The bad:
- The parking garage leaks when it rains and if you park your car in the wrong spot it will be covered in dirt from the leaking roof.
- I see broken glass and pieces of window trim laying around every once in a while from cars being broken into.
- 75 bucks a month.
75/month is a little steep but I could do it. I drive an old Honda Civic, so covered isn't too important. Civics are pretty easily stolen, but it was so cheap that I won't loose sleep over it.. I probably wouldn't want to stretch the shuttle out any more than 20m intervals though.

Anyone know of cheaper?


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You're coming to Compass correct? You'll get reimbursed up to $55/month (if LAX based...different amount for SEA/MSP) for commuter parking.