AT-SA exam


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oh gawd I had issues with my medical too, got the proper paperwork to have it cleared up and they lost that 3 times. That said, most of my classmates had been waiting just as long as me anyway.
LOL all these posts are really not making me look forward to what awaits if I make it to the next step of a TOL to OKC. I can only imagine what it is like when you get there...


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I believe it's an all new test this time around but regardless it's an aptitude test not a knowledge test so there's not really a way to study for it.
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How'd you think you did, Will?

Well, them printed tests they give us... ...they was exactly like the ones that you borrowed...

Only what?

Only you spent so much time drumming the answers into me... ...we ought to have spent a little more on the questions they joint up with.


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Do everything you can to get a hold of medical. Call/email every day if you have to. Call your hr rep to complain if they're not getting back to you. I also got held up due to medical cause of my ekg but they never said anything to me. I only found out about it cause my hr rep called me to ask when i was going to resolve my medical issue and I was like what are you talking about? My hr rep wound up sending them a nasty email and they finally emailed me after that.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll give them a shout this week and see if I can chase anything down for once.