AT-SA exam gouge(what to expect/how to prepare)


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DAMN I missed the window. I applied, there was a problem with my resume attachment, so I went to re-apply and the clock ticked 12 and the system locked me out of the app and there is no record of an application now. Damn it. FML.

They used to hire for 2-3 weeks, it would be my luck it's exactly 1 week this time. :( I had read when it was first announced that the hiring window would be 28JAN to 7FEB and marked that down, but when I saw the window had opened on the 24th instead, I forgot that would significantly effect the end date. Damn it. Guess I'm out this round, should get 1 more chance I guess, maybe 2 depending.

Figures, get well-qualified 3 years in a row, don't get hired due to the algorithm. They eliminate the algorithm, and my dumbass misses the window and accidentally begins the application like 8 minutes prior to close. Figures.
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For chits and giggles send your resume to some of the contract towers. If you manage to get certified and get 52 weeks experience you’ll qualify for the prior experience bids and 35 year age limit


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If you don't make it into an ATC class in time, I'd encourage you to get your dispatch license and apply internally with WN, as long as you don't mind moving to DAL. Pay scale is very good, and it sounds like you would have an excellent background for it. (There are also air traffic coordinator people in the dispatch office who work directly with ATC on slot times, etc. whom you may deal with already in your current job....they are all dispatchers who applied and transferred into those positions.) The schedule, from what I understand, is much better than what a government controller typically experiences. Good luck with your aviation career, whatever area it takes you in!