As the world is burning... 9 lives are saved.

Bob Ridpath

Pit Bull love
One of the best parts of aircraft ownership is using it to be an ambassador for aviation. In this case, my cousin and I flew to Missouri to pick up 9 4-week old labs rejected by their mother.
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I wish with all my heart there was a better way to say “Thank You” than a simple ‘like.’ With my own pups and responsibilities, despite retirement, I don’t travel much but if you’re ever in the NE, dinner, drinks and housing are on me. Thank you for making a difference to these pups.


Freight Dawg
Can you tell me where these pups are going and who to get in touch with when/if they’re old enough to be adopted? One of our pilots is currently fostering 8 yellow lab pups and there seems to be a strong interest with many in our group to adopt them.