AS application question-employment history


Titanius Anglesmith
I have a really crappy commute right now and people ask this all the time. "Oh do you have your transfer in to go back west?"

"No, I enjoy being miserable and commuting to reserve."
My life since upgrading. “So, you think you will be based back at home soon” I get asked by almost every FA I fly with. The look on their face when I say maybe in 5-7 years if I’m lucky never ceases to make me chuckle.
To support our peak summer flying in 2019 and set us up with capacity to handle future anticipated cross-bidding between fleets as pilots on both aircraft exercise their seniority, we plan to issue a bid this week which will close prior to the ISL effective date, and will be effective May 1, 2019.

The bid will open 96 additional Boeing FO and 36 Captain positions, and 48 Airbus FOs and 16 Airbus Captain positions. We will be hiring a total of 144 new hire pilots and upgrading 52 Captains for this bid.

Hopefully this is good news for the guys here that want to work for AS.
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