AS application question-employment history


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Also a heads up that for FOs it might be a little while to get the base you want in terms of ANC, SEA, and PDX. I know VX FOs who are all waiting for the opportunity to bid over to those bases. If you’re a new hire now, you’re gonna get the Bus and might be in SFO or LAX for a while.
Makes me super excited to hear this but sounds very competitive still. Will be waiting for the October window to build more time. Just feels weird to wait because I always assumed applying day 1 showed initiative. Probably a naive way to think but anything to make yourself feel better! :bounce:
You have 1000 PIC already?


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Horizon Pathways apparently now requires 1000 TPIC. If you’re applying as a street candidate then technically 0 TPIC required and it’s “preferred.”

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I know that you were looking to make the jump. You have your app in yet?
I applied last time, I’ll apply again to one of these windows (first one if I can get it together). I’m not at this point competitive but everyone I know who has been hired the last couple cycles has said apply every opening and get that track record in.


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Not sure if it changed, but it was also 2000 hours at Horizon. So a very long time if you're on the Q.
About half of my class came from AS’s other partner, myself included. Most of us had been there under 4 years.

QX seems like the slowest way to get to AS, if that’s your end goal.
Yeah, really it seems that if you go to a wholly owned airline. Be prepared to jump through a lot of hoops/be jerked around to be able to flow or CPP to the next level. Verses OTS applicants/new hires. Even though the flow or CPP marketing apparatus makes their route seem the best and the easiest. Go figure. Guess its true, that wholly owns prefer to string along/hold onto their pilots vs. lose them to the next level.