Applications - trouble with client/employer confirming your work


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I'm working as an independent contractor for several 91 operators. Unfortunately one of my clients no longer needed me due to the return of an on medical leave pilot, and so I no longer have the work. I was offered the option to fly as a non-current SIC only for 1-2 days per month (average), which I declined as I don't think I want to do that. I asked for an LOR/reference letter, and they indicated that it would be absolutely no problem. This was all via email - no one actually called me to tell me this was happening.

Although I have communications indicating my job performance to be excellent, I cannot get anyone to provide me with a simple letter stating that I worked there/with them for such and such dates. They simply haven't followed through, and are not being responding to my prompts.

I haven't ever run across something like this - it's been several months and no returned calls, emails - nothing. I can't imagine what the problem is. But I would like advice on how to deal with it moving forward. I have paystubs, invoices, flight itineraries, etc. How do you present it, and account for your time, when the normal "data" you would rely on is missing?


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Lots of employers as a matter of policy won't do that. Fearful of lawsuits, HR prefers just to confirm that you worked there and when if someone asks.

Staying in touch and on good terms is never a bad idea with former bosses though...


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Just say you were self-employed for those periods, I doubt anyone will question if -- if they do tell them what you were doing.