Anyone know of a CASA 212-200 for sale?


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Wanted: CASA - finder fee paid

I am looking for any CASA 212 - 200 for sale world wide. Will pay a finder fee for anyone who knows of one for sale and brings us the contact info.

User's name is Tim D'Annunzio


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Good luck finding one in good shape! We have gone around the world looking for them. A lot of them have corrosion from being in tropical places, have been shot in Afghanistan, or other issues..


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Just to clarify. I'm not the one looking. I saw that on it caught my attention so I put it here, maybe person A and person B will connect. If not, no harm no foul.

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They run TPE's. There is no idle... of any sort.
If I remember the accident reports I've read, flight idle on that airplane is a function of fuel flow and blade angles, and is one of those "must be correct" things.

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