Anyone in 121 using ADS-B?

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Just wondering if any airline peeps on here use something like a Stratus for nexrad radar? Now that they have stuff like echo tops and turbulence reports it seems like a nice tool for extra situational awareness.


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My last job was 121 where we used Stratus in every airplane, linked to the iPads. It was very nice. The only annoyance is that each stratus would have a different wifi SSID so you had to manually connect every time you changed airplanes. Fortunately for me that was only about 2 or 3 times a year.


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Allowing Stratus/Stratux was discussed at my company, but was decided against. In the "wow, I'm surprised the agreed to allow that bucket" we can now use personal GPS devices to attach to our iPads (to make Jepp app more accurate).

Standards only wants guys to use legal (Ops Spec Approved) weather sources to make operational decisions, so that's why we aren't allowed to use them here.


Most of us don’t even know how many lavs are on the plane let alone avionics mumbo-jumbo specifics.
I seriously didn’t for a while. We changed the config of our 321’s, once we started getting new ones. Same with our 20’s. We added 4 seats which changed the back galley. FA were moaning about something, I dunno, I just asked for more water bottles.


I'm a carnal, organic anagram.'s a great tool.

It only works over the CONUS, while probably 25% of the time we're out of range in the islands somewhere. The new satellite (Viasat) should be operational later this year bringing all the islands into coverage.
Even then, you can't get echo tops out there. Best thing we've got is a low resolution SatRad picture.


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I've only had mixed success getting an ADS-B signal in the cockpit to drive a Stratus/Stratux. Worked great on an EMB-145 - not so much on a CRJ-700 or 319/320/321. I found it wasn't reliable enough for consistent use.

Yeah had no clue about the flight attendants either, when I told them, hey yall need to take your seats, there's going to be turbulence ahead. Well there are no flight attendant jumpseats in the aft galley in flight, so there's no place for the FAs to sit until it's time to land.