Anybody commute CT to LGA?


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On reserve with SkyWest at LGA, trying to commute with no car from Bridgeport CT to LGA. Anybody have any experience with the CT-LGA commute?

There's the metro-north train to Grand Central but that ride alone takes 1.5 hours from Bridgeport. Then there's the issue of getting from Manhattan to LGA. I'm really trying to avoid getting a crashpad in Queens.

I also looked into rental cars but that will be too expensive.



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If you're set on taking public transportation, take the Metro North to Harlem-125th and then the M60 bus straight to LGA. It should take around 2 hours depending on traffic and time of day.

(I'm not a pilot, just a resident in the general area.)


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I drive from Hartford to NYC. I’d kill to be as close as Bridgeport. With a 2.5 hour call out you’d make it most times of the day if you had a car. However, I’ve hung out near Greenwich and Port Chester on reserve before and under certain conditions would barely be able to make it in time.

Without a car? You’re either getting a crash pad or are hanging out in the city every day.