Any Aviation College which offers a degree or concentration in Air Cargo Management?


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The college I just graduated from, Farmingdale State, used to offer an aviation administration degree with an air cargo concentration, but that concentration no longer exists, although they offer one or two air cargo classes just for another partly related major at my school.

Does any aviation college in the U.S. offers a degree or concentration in air cargo management? I don't know if my college was the only one.

I'm just very curious on this to see if there are other colleges out there that offer a degree or concentration in air cargo management.


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I don't know for sure but I'd look for degrees/certificates in logistics. Fancy name for cargo movement.


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After working at several cargo companies I believe they are given out in Happy Meals...

I kid I kid....kinda.


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Yeah I think other colleges would refer to the air cargo management degree or concentration as a logistics or supply chain management degree.


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If you're going into logistics, look into getting as much licensing & certification in HAZMAT too - it can really bump your pay nicely.