Another good NJC goes in the history book!


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Another NJC goes into the history books!:beer: Showed up a little late on Sunday night just in time for the migration over to Planet Hollywood. It was good seeing the usual JC crowd and meeting some new ones. It was good to finally meet Todd (ATN Pilot) and see the softer; off line side of him!;) Rex worked hard and definitely deserved the Failboat Captain 09 award!:laff: I think he hit on almost every female in Vegas!:crazy:

A big thanks goes out to Doug and Kristie for throwing another great NJC get together!:clap:

LLoyd, you better go again next year so we can find those corndogs!:D


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Hey man, no problem!

Next time ATN_Pilot says something like "YEEEEERR AAAAWF MAH JUMPSEEEEET" I suggest we all tease the devil out of him! :) :sarcasm: