Analog clocks and 15 seconds

Do you set the analog clock to 15 seconds?

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You have to share a clock? We each have our own clock, almost all of them analog. It is the one thing I have sole control of. Though procedure mandates the Z time on both match.

Though I can leave the chrono pointer wherever the hell I want. Honestly, I usually forget about it after engine warm up and notice sometime in the middle of flight dutifully still ticking away.


@Autothrust Blue : not specifically required to start the clock for automatic engine starts, but good practice, given there are starter limits. (We never come close to).

We’ll get a new chief in due time, and they’ll put their 2 ₽ in and change it back.

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This is true.

“TA RA” iversus “RA TA”. WGAS
Checklist responses should match switch, selector or pushbutton positions, when the configuration of a specific item is being called for. ("Checked and set" is still meaningless •!)

(In other words - I do to a small extent, but you'll still find me goofing up "ON" vice "AUTO" for predictive windshear on our checklist, probably because I am stupid or something. Consistency...or something.)


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Eh, somewhat both agree and disagree.

TA/RA keneesponding RA/TA depending on the unit usually makes the person stop mid checklist read and correct himself and usually gets frustrated and apologizes which completely wrecks the flow. Wreck the flow and then you question where you where and it ends up being a massive distraction.

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