Analog clocks and 15 seconds

Do you set the analog clock to 15 seconds?

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Stone Cold

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I'm sorry...I don't see the point of this. We have analog clocks and use them during start. Are y'all just anal or something?

Stone Cold

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Walked onto the jet, sat down, built my nest, and set the clock to 15 seconds to move the analog hand out of the way of the clock. Captain came in from doing the walk around (THE HORROR!) we exchanged pleasantries and he resets the clock to zero.

What say you, internet buddies, regarding ye olde analog clock?
So, are your clocks synced? How did he reset your clock? Is there only one clock in the cockpit?

I need more information...


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Ok, but does this second hand move on its own? If so then moving it wouldn't make sense. If it's stationary, then what's the point of it? If it doesn't move, I can see why you might want to have it point at :15 or :45.