Ameriflight routes

Greetings! Recent member, first time poster. I'm an instrument rated private pilot with about 500 hours who'll be working on the commercial this summer. I may be looking at a career change shortly or may just enjoy learning something new :) I'm focused on cargo operations and noticed first officer opening at DFW for Ameriflight in the EMB120. Anyone know what routes they fly from DFW and if crew stays at outstation(s) for several hours or does a quick turn?


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I have no idea but if you could look it up on flight aware and sift through the destinations out of DFW with their code until you figure out the pattern.

Also, there is a lot of negativity about Ameriflight here, so brace yourself for that. I think there is a behemoth thread on here. I have no knowledge on the topic, just the messenger.
Thanks for the input! I searched through the other thread but couldn't find anything specific on DFW routes. Thanks for the idea on flightaware.

I've already been through one career with a large corporation so I've learned to take the negativity with a grain of salt....

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I have a friend who is a training captain there. He could probably tell you everything you’d want to know. PM me I’ll get you his contact information