American out performs “smaller rivals”

Autothrust Blue

This has happened to me so many times that I don't even get mad anymore. Now I get excited when I'm able to land on the west runway and reach the gate without stopping 30 times. Having the rampers and gate agent ready at the gate makes it a triple crown achievement.
You’re doing your part!


Master Blaster
CLT is the WORST. Especially the back corner of E where they park us Eagle-voy plebians. I avoid it as much as possible
I was CLT based for 3 years and I started to hate it. Been DCA based for over a year now and I’ll be back to CLT this summer. The flying in and out of DCA has been a fun change but it has also been a fatiguing commute. I’m ready to embrace the hour-long taxi times in CLT again :bounce: