American out performs “smaller rivals”


Cap, Roci
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“Kick Delta’s Ass”

Which would be a fun sticker to rally behind.I just wish Parker would take the opportunities bestowed upon him and conquer the world.


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I own a little AAL... They've made me some money.. Not a bad investment right now, even with Parker on a mission to destroy.


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My captain told me today going through CLT that the ex USAIR hubs are dragging down our performance numbers bigtime. He should be a middle manager


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Wouldn’t doubt it. CLT might be AA’s second most profitable hub, but it’s the only place I can land 30 min early and still end up being 20 min late once blocked into the gate...
This has happened to me so many times that I don't even get mad anymore. Now I get excited when I'm able to land on the west runway and reach the gate without stopping 30 times. Having the rampers and gate agent ready at the gate makes it a triple crown achievement.