American Airlines flight attendant showed up to work with BAC four times the legal limit


I’m in the “beer should be beer” phase and if I want something more interesting, there’s liquor or wine.

Sadly men:beer is like women:froyo.

“Can I tryyyyyyy a sample of the (whatever). Nah, ok, well, let me tryyyyyyy a sample of the (other). Nah, that’s too weird, how about the (what)” :)
I like it all. Try to have something different every time.


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Gose/sour beers were (are) in and those are even more disgusting that IPAs.
I agree with you on the ipa’s they are terrible and everywhere now. I’m finding there are a few decent sour beers, but I’m always happy with a good stout. It’s even more fun to watch my wife order beer, they are almost always surprised when she asks for a stout or porter. Apparently they think she should drink the crappy ipa’s they are peddling.

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