AME passed me on first medical without restrictions, but I'm color deficient..


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My AME passed me on my first class without the restriction.
Is this normal?
People told me don't worry about it, once you passed out once, they won't test you again next time, is this true?
This AME is old and might not be in practice anytime soon, new AME most likely will put the restriction on my renew first medical.

Any advise would be great if I should worry on my first medical renewal since I got it without restriction previously.

Thank you.


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Yesterday you posted:

Failed the Ishihara plates previously and today went to an AME with FALANT. Ended up failing that one too.
Now having the feeling of losing hope.
Looking to start from 0 to CPL this month, but I need some guidance. If I go for the Operation Color Vision Test (OCVT) and Medical Flight Test (MFT), and end up failing those then that is it.
But before going to that last resort, I have two questions hopefully you guys can help answer it.
  1. Do I need to do OCVT and MFT at the same time? Can I just do the OCVT first?
  2. Since I don't know how to fly, do I need to learn how to fly before I can do the MFT? It is okay to have a CFI flying and I sit in the right seat and the inspector in the back?
Thanks guys.
I'm confused. Care to clarify your situation a little bit more please?


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Yesterday you posted:

I'm confused. Care to clarify your situation a little bit more please?
Hello, I got the first class with no restriction early this year. After my eye exam in July, my optometrist diagnosed me as color deficiency. I didn't look into much when I got my first class back then. I decided to go to another place earlier this month and retook the Ishihara and tried the Falant and failed both.


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FWIW, my AME makes me read the color plates, letters and some musical notes every time. Same AME, no prior issues with color deficiency.


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You will be required to do color vision testing every time you go for a medical. I think you've already figured it out, but the only way to "waiver" out of color vision testing is be obtaining a SODA. This is done through your FSDO, you would be required to take the OCVT and the MFT.

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FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner