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Aircraft Dispatcher

Discussion in 'Flight Dispatch Jobs' started by NewsBot, Feb 10, 2017.

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    PSA Airlines Dayton, Ohio:<BR /><div>Dispatchers are located in the Operational Control Center at the Corporate Offices at the Dayton International Airport. Our Operational Control Center is open from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m., 7 days a week. Dispatchers must be willing to work holidays, weekends and evenings. </div><div></div><div><strong>SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY:</strong><br /><ul><li>Preparation of the Dispatch Release considering weather planning, fuel planning, aircraft airworthiness, and routing strategy for all aircraft under his/her operational control.</li><li>Monitor the progress of, and issue the necessary information for, the safety of each flight under their operational control.</li><li>Maintain flight and weather records in accordance with Federal Air regulations to include other data deemed necessary by the Company.</li><li>Remain acutely aware of passenger loads and overall passenger service when flight planning, taking into consideration Federal Air Regulations and prudent safety practices.</li><li>Coordination of Flight activities (routine and non-routine) with various agencies and Company personnel involved in the operation of a flight under his/her control.</li><li>Provide adequate assistance to crews and outstations in planning and expediting each flight under his/her control and consistently monitor factors (i.e., weather, air traffic control, maintenance, etc.), which may affect the outcome of the flight.</li><li>Respond to accidents/incidents by initiating notification and properly documenting all information.</li><li>Assist the Dispatch Supervisor and Manager of Systems Control in maintaining the Flight Control Center with regard to equipment, procedures, and other operations and duties deemed necessary.&nbsp;</li></ul></div>

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