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Airborne Wx Radar

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Dave Gwinn, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Dave Gwinn

    Dave Gwinn New Member

    Mar 11, 2007
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    In Two private messages I've been asked about the value of the Archie Trammell DVDs available for $349 from Sportys. In the Delta#191 trials I had to review his VHS series in my attempts to defend the pilots. That was 1990 and I've seen none of Mr. Trammell's material since then. (Finding those pilots at fault was the biggest abortion of justice in my career.)

    One who bought the tapes is Retired-Capt. Bill Nelson-USAir, who is teaching at SimuFlite-ICT. He is the one to ask:
    bnelson500@hotmail.com I've been helping Bill develop some radar training. Regardless, it would not be gentlemanly or ethical for me to make an adverse comment about Archie, or he about me, since we competed for nearly 3 decades. Yes, we disagree on many things.

    Additionally, King Schools has an on-line radar series that I was asked to evaluate. It's frankly not too good right now, but I supplied John & Martha with an abundant amount of material 'just to enhance safety', no money involved, no income for me. It should be improved by the end of the first or second quarter of the year.

    My sixth trip to So. Korea for the Army pegged out my 'tired of travel' meter. I have been, however, exploring teleconferencing, visuals and course notes, and it looks promising. Some of my long term company 'customers' (friends) encouraged it, and it would be ideal and cost efficient. It'd be live and I'd answer any question that might arise. Still exploring... that cyberworld is new to this tired Aviator. (I would enjoy teaching in Israel, since right-to-left, or left-to-right, it's RADAR. In Denmark I had an Aeroflot Ground Instructor who did not speak a word of English. I was dumbfounded what he learned!)

    Fly low & slow: Dave Gwinn* www.davegwinn.com

    *Radar Vector Equipped

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