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Aerospace Dispatch Coordinators - Torrance, CA

Discussion in 'Flight Dispatch Jobs' started by NewsBot, Jul 14, 2017.

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    STS Aviation Group Torrance, California:<BR /><strong>STS AeroStaff Services </strong>is currently hiring <strong>Aerospace Dispatch Coordinators</strong> for open positions in <strong>Torrance, California</strong>.<br /><em><br /><strong>Note: </strong>Our staffing services come at no cost to you, the candidate. This is job seeking made simple! For more details, please contact our recruiters at <strong>1-877-707-5767</strong>.</em><br /><br /><strong>Job Summary:</strong><br /><br />Under the supervision of the Dispatching Coordinator and Traffic &amp; Logistics Manager, sets parts fabrication priorities and coordinates the movement of in-process parts according to pre-established production schedules and program plans. The timely coordination of parts flow and related paperwork is essential in order to ensure maximum efficiency in meeting production schedules.<br /><br /><strong>Job Duties: </strong><br /><ul><li>The timely and efficient movement of work in process and error-free entry of all related transactions</li><li>Reviewing and determining the revision and configuration of work in process</li><li>Reviewing, documenting and incorporating operation sheet changes</li><li>Reconciliation of work orders and resolution of all quantity, and revision, traceability, configuration and serial number details</li><li>Processing of work orders to stock including reviewing of operation sheets, verification of serial numbers and generating stock labels</li><li>Creating work order splits and all associated transactions</li><li>Scheduling and prioritizing work order splits, rework work orders, and detail support work orders as directed by the materials coordinator and Logistics Manager</li><li>Issuing and transferring material to work orders and all associated transactions</li><li>Crating, deleting, and modifying work order tracking records</li><li>Processing client and customer owned scrap</li><li>Issuing rework and detail support work orders to track material and rework activity as well as to collect associated costs</li><li>Coordinating rework activity with materials, manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, product engineering, and quality engineering personnel</li><li>Creating, deleting, and modifying work order allocation records</li><li>The packaging, preservation and protection of work in process</li><li>As directed by the dispatch coordinator and/or Logistics Manager, expedite work in process to meet monthly shipping targets</li><li>Provide feedback to dispatch coordinator and/or Logistics Manager regarding preservation and packaging concerns, capacity and processing constraints, as well as transportation issues as they relate to work in process<br /><br /></li></ul>

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