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Advice Needed: Non-Flying Career and Pilot side gig

Discussion in 'Changing Careers' started by KC, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Oct 21, 2015
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    Seeking advice for a younger pilot. Want to see some of the ways other pilots here are juggling a non-flying career (+ part-time grad school) and flying on the side. Recently completed a non-flying related bachelors and have about 600+ hrs TT. Most commercial experience is through Part 91 operations. It appears I should be at or above 1000 TT by the time grad school is finished. A couple of questions I have:

    1) If an aviation employer (Part 135/91) is hiring a pilot, what types of currency would they like to see? For example, flown at least 100 hrs in the previous 6 months etc. Anyone know if this is more of an insurance requirement or company policy.

    2) How relevant is aviation work history? For example, I have a lot of gaps in aviation employment with on-call/on-demand, part-time, contract work experience. My non-flying career is a lot more steady. But, as a low-timer I had to piece meal a lot of my flight times here and there. Not sure how to translate that.

    I am very privileged to not have enormous debt from flight training (GI Bill) allowing a lot of flexibility. In fact, I just started an exciting non-flying career and fortunate to work on the weekends as a jump pilot. I must admit, everything now is almost perfect - I would like to eventually fly bigger turbine equipment but no rush to do so. My focus short-term is more progression in a non-flying career, possibly traveling, and finishing graduate school education within the next 2-4 years. I am not in any hurry; I actually got into aviation to become a jump pilot. So, my intention in aviation is pocket money, personal enjoyment, keeping current, and not getting burnt out. The jump pilot gig is great for currency and possibly multi-turbine time in the future - but I am obviously not getting cross country, instrument or night.

    Yes, instruction is cool - but I prefer get some more broadening experience (right seat) before committing to the training regime and resources to become a flight instructor. Not sure what would come next as far as aviation. Since I am still young and have no responsibilities, I am strongly considering overseas contract work for 6 months flying, and 6 months non-aviation career Stateside as well. This will probably something I would consider after graduate school.
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