Add Enough Power... and a Brick will Fly.

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This article coupled with the ‘broom thing” from a few days ago don’t get me a lot of hop for the next generation. Or even this one.
What are you talking about?!? This generation LUVs its IPAs.

Aslo, what's the "broom thing"? Reference link please.

Here's some more hope... It's probably not a coincidence that hope and beer come from the same common root word. :biggrin:

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Curious what it is about this article that leads you to have less faith the the current & next generation?
Yeah I didn’t get that from the article at all.
Same here. I had a pretty extensive conversation with the DPE during my CFI oral about various lift theories and all of them being incomplete in one way or another. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea and I'm glad folks are thinking about it.

I mean, teaching my students "Pure Effin' Magic" as an explanation for how lift is created isn't really appropriate, but it's nice that there are scientists and physicists out there still exploring the whys.


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I was a student at “Skyharvard”in the mid-90’s, where they had been hammering “Bernouille”for centuries, when suddenly we get told “Just kidding, it’s really Newton!”. Kinda’ threw me for a loop, as in “Wait, you guys have been building wings for a hundred years without really knowing how or why they work!?”

I do find it oddly curious that wing designs changed pretty dramatically after that.