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Received the same email today, moving forward in the hiring process....

A group already interviewed/tested Monday and some next week, so will see what happens.


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Anyone has any idea when and how many rounds of interviews they’re doing?

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Anyone have any insight into the interview process? I was told it would be an all day event (7am-5pm) with a test and a group interview. Seems like that would only take a few hours total, not 10. And how exactly is a group interview supposed to work?


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Test. In the am. They’ll break you into groups. You interview with you’re group. It’s a lot like a one on one but there are other applicants with you. Therefore, group interview. Some groups will go early. Some groups will go late. If you have a flight that you need to catch they take you early. If you don’t, you go late. So just in case they want you prepared. Also, This should have been pretty easy to infer.


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Is it probably safe to assume that if you have not heard anything by now that you never will?
I wouldn't assume that. They've received several hundred applications. It may take a few rounds before they fill all the spots.

I have no idea what the breakdown is expected to be (AA internal vs. affiliated external vs. non-affiliated external), though. In my mind that's the big mystery.

But no, don't assume.