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Has the question re: October class been answered?

Is the October class going to come from the September pool or will additional external interviews be conducted?


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There probably wont be new interviews, and all the hiring for both classes is likely going to come from the last posting. I am also hearing, that in addition to the September class being 30, the October class will be 25 new hires. I cant confirm that, but that's a lot of bodies they are trying to bring in. The reason for all the hiring is something no one can get a grasp on, but its likely either due to a possible buy out offer coming, or its related to a new flight planning system AA is trying to switch to next year, or its due to workload issues that have been complained about for a while, or maybe some combination.


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"Dispatch certificate, 4 year degree or multiple years experience"

What does the OR in this mean? Are they OK with a 4 year degree and only 2 years of experience then?
Let's just say a variety of backgrounds and I'll let you read between the lines........


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Test. In the am. They’ll break you into groups. You interview with you’re group. It’s a lot like a one on one but there are other applicants with you. Therefore, group interview. Some groups will go early. Some groups will go late. If you have a flight that you need to catch they take you early. If you don’t, you go late. So just in case they want you prepared. Also, This should have been pretty easy to infer.
group interview? oh brother

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Anyone else still showing 'In Progress' after an interview? Hopefully the prospect of another hiring class is still on the table...
First post here- Mine is still showing "In Progress" with a last updated date of 8/1. I interviewed on July 22nd. I'm an American employee with no dispatch experience but a 4 year degree and a few years experience at American.

Just a heads up, you probably want to keep your phone near by over the next few days. Someone I know was just offered a spot in the October class yesterday, so I imagine those who are getting offers won't be too far behind. Take it for what it's worth. Good luck everyone!


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If anyone else is still waiting on an answer, sounds like both classes have been filled and it will be another 6 months until the next one.
Benno thanks for the info. Will they really need to hire again in 6 months? After 2 big classes? If so any idea the reason why? Retirements, growth etc?


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Benno thanks for the info. Will they really need to hire again in 6 months? After 2 big classes? If so any idea the reason why? Retirements, growth etc?
There are two things that seem to be driving all this hiring. One is that the company is expecting over 100 retirements in the next couple of years. Two is that AA wants to replace Sabre FOS as their flight planning system with Flightkeys, and there is a team at AA working on this project as we speak. The timetable I have seen, which I think is overly optimistic, is for 2Q of 2020 for Flight Keys, but I think more realistically it will be 4Q at the earliest since you don't want to introduce a new flight planning system during peak time.

If anyones curious, the breakdown of the class that started this week is:

8 Internal
11 Wholly Owned (Envoy, PSA, and Piedmont all represented)
11 External (4 Republic, 2 SkyWest, and 5 others including Alaska)

And Offers have gone out for the October class as well. Congrats to all who have accepted.