A RECORD donation mark....


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Wow... All that stuff is sweet. Mike will really appreciate it.

Just as an after thought... I sure hope it's cool enough there now to send all the candy bars ( you know, chocolate and heat tend to make a mess). A friend of mine is in the Army and serving in Iraq. We refrained from sending chocolate this summer for that reason.

Anyway... Way to go everyone... that is more money than I ever thought possible. I'm sorry to say that I can't donate and $$... College Graduation and Upcoming Flight Training have sucked it all up. All our troops are in my hopes and prayers... bless them all!

Good luck everyone!



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Regarding the shipping, one thing you may consider is going through FedEx if you know someone that works for American Airlines that is willing to help you out. My grandfather is retired from American and we get something like a 75% discount on shipping. Of course that doesn't help you much since I live in Oklahoma...

Anyway, maybe you could find someone local that could pull it off…


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I know SWA employees get a hella discount from FedEx. I would assume that DAL has the same interline deal. You might have to drive out to Sky Harbor to do it, though.


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I'm pretty sure every airline employee gets the FedEx discount, the problem is that the goods travel 'standby'. This time of year it can take a while for a package to get somewhere depending on how full FedEx's airplanes are. I think maybe calling FedEx, UPS, or Airborne or someone and explaining our 'mission' (sending care packages to our soldiers is a worthy cause!) may be a good way to go. It can make good marketing for the cargo operator too, "hey look what we did for our troops!"

I dunno, just an idea........


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Wow, guys! Very impressive!

And I am so jealous to see Doug in shorts in the middle of December!


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Awesome Job Guys.... How wild would it be if Mike and his wing wake up to a huge C-130 flying over and from the payload bay drop off a few huge cartons of stuff !!!

Isn't COSTCO awesome though... place can really hook ya up if you do it right.. which you guys certainly have !!


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Here's what we've got so far. I'm still waiting on the word on the pillows and blankets from Delta and trying to work out some shipping details, but take a look at what you guys are doing for the good guys in Iraq:

Xbox, case of playing cards, "Dead Or Alive Volleyball (the one with the girls), "Need For Speed", "Madden 2004", "Halo", Xbox (with second controller, some Jedi game and DVD attachment w/remote), Alias box set, Sopranos box set, first and second series of the "Man Show" (girls on trampolines, yeah!)

Assorted magazines, and a Cosmo for the lady.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots (yeah!) and Worst Case Scenario (ya never know)

Lots of, but not all the sunscreen.

chapstick, carmex, etc.

Non milspec toilet paper

six 8-packs of decent razors

a bevvy of foldable, portable chairs in carrying cases

more toothepaste and toothbrushes than the law allows

deodorants, foot care, etc.

Mouthwash, we've got mouthwash

BTW, those are 2-1/2 pound bags of Starbucks coffee beans

"Wet Ones" antibacterial hand wipes, eye drops and that Purell hand sanitizer

Bug spray with deet and someplace to store soap without gettng all goopy.

Lots o' candy (and the big bars too!)

Chips, microwave popcorn, two types of beef jerky, chex mix (towards the top), crackers, goldfish, etc.

My cat Sprite (not going to Iraq), instant lunches, canned pineapples, canned corn, chicken broth

Freeze dried fruits, raisins and California pistachios.

Easy Mac (Mac N Cheese), canned fruit (peaches, fruit cocktail), Progresso soups, chilis, baked beans, campbells chunky soups, ravioli, etc.

More of the above

Gatorade, lemonade, tea bags, sugar, A-1, tobasco, hot chocolate (instant), cider, rice krispie treats, fruit juice..

Q-tips, ponds facial scrubs (there's a girl, guys), 3-paks of "Fun Saver" disposable cameras, a couple more DVD movies and a santa cap.

...because you never know...


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Dude, you and Kristie Rock....And of Course All that have contributed to the cause. I have an urge to grab a snack from the vending machine.


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That's great Doug!

I am jealous, I would love to get all that stuff. I pretty much need everything like that over the year (minus the X-box, which I don't need but I like having it).


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I can't tell you how hard it is not cracking open the Xbox and playing a game of Halo before it hits the road for Iraq.


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Nah.. we just picked up the stuff we figured they'd need/like - YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! we couldn't have done it without you..

see the kitty in there? that's our sprite!! she likes to eat anything that seems "bag" like!

oh - and the green things in there - that look kinda odd... are portable chairs that we got at popular outfitters for $4 EACH! we picked up 6.... now THAT's a steal!!

but man - i SO wanted to open and play with the XBOX!!!!! oh well, have to wait till we really want one of our own.. hahaha


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There's more then on controller for that XBOX right? When those guys see the beach volleyball game they are all going to want to play.


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you should open it up and check it out, you know, maybe a pre-flight check. That would be a shame to get it all the way to IRAQ and it did not work.


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Looks awesome...anyone tip of the AP yet..."Delta Pilot helps ring in Holiday cheer for soldiers in Iraq"..a real feel good story...anyome want to submit a story to the Phoenix AP office...