A&P Schools


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I have been thinking alot latelly about getting an A&P certificate then thinking about a bachelors later in life. I still dont know what is best but I would like to know if you guys can recommend any good A&P schools?

Is Westwood any good??


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The best bag for your buck will most often be a Community College. These are useually pretty cheap and take about 2 years. Useually you can work a part time job durring this time and minimize the expense.

ERAU extended campus offers a Aircraft Maintence Management degree that credits 36 credit hours for having your A&P, then it's mostly basic management courses. I am planning on takeing this route to finish my degree.


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Go the community college route. ERAU, Westwood, Spartan, etc. will all make you spend 30k or more for an associates degree. You'll be hard pressed to spend more than 10k at a community college. For example my community college(Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL) only charges about 6k total for residents and you only have to reside in state 30 days to get residency tuition. New classes start every fall and Rockford is only 80 mi from Chicago. It is an excellent program with some unique instructors(including one who used to fly the Goodyear Blimp:)). The best part is you only need two academic classes(basicly 2 english classes) for your degree besides what is in the A&P program. PM me for info on it since I see your in Chicago.


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Stick with the Community Colleges.

Being an Illinois resident, Rock Valley would be a great option. If you were a Wisconsin resident I'd recommend Blackhawk Tech up in Janesville. (I'm a little biased towards Blackhawk, though ;) ).


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One of these days I'm going to drive up to Blackhawk just to check them out. Actually for some IL residents I believe Blackhawk gives in-state tuition. Just something I heard. All I know is I'm so close to graduateing with both my A&P every day is getting harder and harder. LOL:)