737MAX grounded..What are your thoughts? Safe or unsafe aircraft?


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Most airliners are safe, with an “asterisk”.

DC-10 had the hydraulic issues
All airliners had the cargo door issues
MD-11 had IFE issues
737 had the “rudder hard over” issues
Airbus had, well, lets just say it had Airbus issues.

I can’t think of any airplane that hasn’t had some sort of issue to overcome along its development.


Cap, Roci
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737 had the "rudder hard over" and possibly MCAS issues
I just mean historically.

A lot of people that are on the site don’t know what it was like to be a Mad Dog pilot the day the Alaska MD-80 broke a jack screw and went nosediving into the Pacific.

I’m just saying that we’ve been down this road before.

On a side note, it’s just weird hearing a person in authority go on and on about how planes were safer when they were more simple, but that’s not my memories of the 70’s and i80’s. We dropped a lot of jets for myriad systems and pilot-centric reasons.


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noun: myriad; plural noun: myriads
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    a countless or extremely great number.


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Ok so I found this on APC but i feel its a pretty good argument..what are your opinions on it.
The aircraft was certified with new systems and those systems were neither described in the FM or trained for in procedures yet the FAA signed off on that. THAT should bother every professional pilot out there. Yes, the jet is safe 99% of the time but if I found out that there was some secret flight control enhancement on my jet that no operator knew about and had no way of knowing about I'd go fricking ape sh%%t and can't believe that any professional pilot on this planet wouldn't.

If you defend the actions of the FAA and Boeing on this please elaborate. If you fly for AA or SWA please let elaborate on the weak response from the pilots and their unions on this. Why aren't you calling for a full investigation on WHAT ELSE was allowed to pass muster without any knowledge? Stop telling us what a great jet it is - focus on the process here and how it literally set up a weaker pilot (yet completely legal) to fail.