737 Max Airliners Ordered Immediately Grounded in the US


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Wasn't there a medical helo accident not too long ago where the pilot's text messages during his duty shift were part of the NTSB report?
Oh yea. Personal devices have been on the NTSB’s s4!t list for more than 10 years now.

Use them at work at your own peril.


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Kevin McAllister, Boeing's CEO of commercial airplanes, is "leaving" according to the NY Times. In addition to problems with the Max, the NYT also mentioned commercial group's production problems in Charleston, cracking in the 737 NG, and foreign objects in the KC-46. Top Boeing Executive to Leave as 737 Max Crisis Swells
Bro Zone Bubble Implosion (aka s4!t grenade) in progress.

Fun or not fun to watch, depending on your perspective.

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"Blakeley's face was grave."
So, uh, about that testimony on the Hill that Muilenberg gave, and the evident cover up/concealment from the regulator...uh...

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"Blakeley's face was grave."
Cliff notes?
I was/am less than impressed.

The Senate were pretty gentlemanly towards Muilenberg, but the House went, well, it's the United States House of Representatives.



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AA and Southwest have pushed back to March 2020 now. Assuming no further delays, they'll have been grounded nearly an entire year.
We’re not going to Mars, are we.

Accountants and the boards need for immediate shareholder value wrecked innovation.

(I could have more carefully and succinctly worded that, but I haven’t had my morning coffee)