7.5 hr CFI-a oral WTH


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7.5 hours is no where near enough time to determine what you know and what you don't know during a CFI oral. I personally think it should be at least 40 hours. There are so many CFIs out there trying to build time and getting Santa Claus examiners giving away the certificate like toilet paper. The general public is suffering from it. I've seen the products produced by time builder CFIs and it is absolutely disgusting.

So quit your complaining. Either you know your stuff, or you don't. Get studying.
40 hours?????
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he’s not a douchee. A lot of DPEs lose touch and perspective. A friendly reminder these future CFIs are going to be teaching basic 172s not the space shuttle. Whether the candidate has a 2 hour oral or a 40 hour oral won’t make a bit of difference. It’s what happens after that makes a difference.

And to add to the DPEs defense, a lot of them are following marching orders from the FSDOs. Problem is the DPEs interpretation of what the FSDO expects/wants differs vastly from DPE to DPE and that’s where you have some giving 18 hour orals vs 2 hours