40-50 Billion dollars to save an average of 10-15 minutes a flight


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I know it is a troll post. But I had a client that did the maintenance on equipment and it is not cheap! Awesome talking with someone that deals with the infrastructure first hand. I just wish there were cheaper ways to get the information into our old G1000 and to be able to use the RNP approaches and fit in with the airlines. I hate hearing everyone get delay vectors because we are on a different approach to everyone else.
RNP is awesome. The day everyone can go straight from the STAR to an RNP will be amazing.


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I've often wondered if an artificial island airport somewhere offshore, with plenty of parallel runways and a subway or ferry connecting it to the city, would be a good idea as a replacement for EWR, LGA and JFK. But it might be cheaper to build it on land to the northwest, as in your suggestion. Perhaps it could even be a (very major) expansion to an existing airport, like Hackettstown.
But the NY and NJ would argue about who owns it...