360 Aviation, LLC


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360 Aviation, LLC is now located in Albert Lea, MN KAEL. It is accelerated training for all courses, normal paced courses are available too. The flight school that was there got kicked out due to lack of service. 360 Aviation has some of the instructors from when Albert Lea was booming. Looks like they are doing it right finally. Let me know if anyone else has experience there. They are also doing a $50 referral and the student gets a $50 credit when they arrive for training. www.360aviationllc.com
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I've had a few phone calls and emails exchanged with them. So far they seem very responsive and the service has been good.

If all goes well, I plan to go there next month (April) - COVID-19 stuff may change that - to get my Commercial. And then go there in August for my CFI.

I'll keep ya posted.