2020 ADF Summit Canceled


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From their Facebook post earlier today: "I am sorry to report the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Summit. We had great plans to commemorate the ADF 30th Anniversary with a celebration in Las Vegas. However, it is neither feasible nor appropriate to move forward with those plans while our industry struggles to overcome unimaginable challenges. "

I understand the reasoning for the cancellation, but it's still a bummer. :(


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More and more it seems like events are being scrapped for the rest of the year. Here in IL the state's reopening plan won't be feasible for the Chicago area to have any of our annual summer events. I had planned to go to a few concerts this spring that had been rescheduled to fall, but are now being cancelled entirely.

You're right it is a bummer. In terms of our industry, I think we'll start to see a kind of snowbird-esque trend, where folks in areas slow to open want to travel to places that are opening. People won't be coming to Chicago over the summer if there's nothing/very little to do, so these people will likely look elsewhere to spend their vacation. It will be interesting to see what travel trends emerge and how the airlines react. I think the hub and spoke model will still allow flexibility to provide supply where there's demand, but there may be instances where it makes sense to shift some resources to point to point service that wasn't previously feasible.

I also think that the fact we're seeing the plug pulled on events further out in the year means there will be a damper on travel demand through at least the rest of the year. I know some execs and analysts have been calling that as a pessimistic scenario, but it seems to be happening. I had planned to travel to DC and SFO both to run races, but they're both cancelled entirely now, so that's a lot of folks who won't be rescheduling those trips. Hopefully businesses will be a little quicker to resume their usual travels, but I'm sure a lot of major conferences will be cancelled soon if they aren't already.
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I wonder of some of the late in the year cancellations are liability driven. A group I'm involved in just cancelled a summer event because of the virus. However, even if things were good infection wise, the insurance premiums for the event were going to make it cost prohibitive.


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Germany canceled Oktoberfest, which runs Sept through Oct, so I'm really not surprised at anything else being canceled after that one. But our loads to areas of natural wonders have shot up.