2019 ADX Outlook


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Now that we're deep into the holiday season, I don't think anyone is expecting another round of hiring before the new year. Not saying it won't happen, just very unlikely.

So, crystal ball time. For 2019, do you expect your carrier to hire external dispatcher candidates? If you're game, and want to disclose your carrier, at what point in 2019 would you expect you carrier to open the window?

Happy holidays to everyone, btw. Here's to a very safe and very successful 2019 with lots of additional Boomer retirements.

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DL is planning to refill the DADS pool, but another external class may be able to sneak in before the castle gates close again.
Gate closing. How about hiring dispatchers with 121 experience looking for to climb to the top level? Should be no different than it is for pilots.
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F9 will most likely hire more due to attrition. Probably by January a posting will be up.
The cargo folks are busy. Peak, yo.

In the Supplemental world I'm guessing...
Western Global
(Heavy metal and ETOPs doe)
...will all have a class or two in 2019. Anyone at these carriers want to comment?
Kalitta and Atlas I can see. Western Global seems to be pretty stagnant with there fleet and the pay not all that great for SW Florida.


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I imagine with Amazon moving into the area housing will become even more of a challenge there.
True. However, only a handfull actually live in the city or LIC. Most of us live out in eastern Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island. Some even in NJ.