2018 in Review...How Much Did You Fly?


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489 hours
10 GA
240 Flights
First year at my airline (IOE completed end of Dec. 2017), 8 total months on reserve
Longest flight: STL-SFO
Shortest flight: DFW-DAL

Flights Map 2018 small.png

Looking forward to an even more productive 2019!


Han Solo is NOT dead!!

kay, here goes:

Total Flight time for 2018:
255.3 TT. / 91 Hrs H25B / 54 Hrs C414 / 49 Hrs C414A / 49 Hrs BE400 / 12 Hrs BE58 / 2.9 Hrs BE200

109 Legs total.

20 legs to BRO (18%)
17 legs to MFE (15%)
13 legs to SAT (12%)
8 legs to AGS (7%)
7 legs to TLC (6%)

5 destinations were visited thrice
7 destinations were visited twice
15 destinations were visited once.

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whew, ready for a vacation by now?
I flew my first redeye the other day. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, but it was awesome. Bloody quiet on the airwaves (I guess RJs don't fly at night?), and it was clear and a million most of the way so the starfield was spectacular.

I feel like butt today, but most of that is my own fault for not trying to recover responsibly day-of, and instead going to SAN for fun the day-of.