2018 in Review...How Much Did You Fly?

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Year to date in the 'bus will be 109. Probably 500-600 (at least) in the Skidoo-feminine-hygiene-product-jet before that and about 15 hours of GA time. Cool map whenever I get home.


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216 hours

Took six weeks off...
went through first 121 initial...so no flying between the first week of March and the third week of August (except the occasional $100 burger..)


25 in the 525C and 180 in the E170/E175


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You must have a really long callout time! I would sit in traffic for hours some days!
Nah. 2 hrs. Key is early AM reserve. Im on long call next month so hopefully I won’t have to worry about the occasional traffic jam on 405

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The final tally was 729 hours, 1087 credit. And my final trip on it gave me almost exactly 1000 hours on the E-175.

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I was on track for 666 hours but I under-blocked a bit on my last 4 day. I have 2 days to make up 1.5 hours. ;)


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I logged about 10 hours in 3 months between getting current and needing a BFR I couldn't afford. Goodtimes. Haven't flown since May, was about to but then needed to get a car with the money I had saved up instead, so now hoping to get one done in a few weeks and be current again. Hopefully.