2018 in Review...How Much Did You Fly?


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Ahh yes, the time of year where I spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how I can get one of those fancy maps and then give up in frustration ;)

I have one more trip to do buuuut.

It's looking like around 733 hours and 1090 credit.

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595 block, no idea on credit. The upgrade messes up that calculation though I could probably go back and figure that out, it's too much work. :)


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578.1 Hours (so far... probably 20-30 more during the last week of the year)
237,259 Miles (or a one way trip to the moon)
+ a Transcon Commute (LAX-JFK, probably good for another trip to the moon at least)

I think it was a good year.

Once I get my FLiCA report, I compare it to my logbook and double check any errors... then I try and figure out pay based on flight time, soft time, every hour on duty, every hour on the road, etc. That's always fun at the end of the year.

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I thought you were LGB based?!

About 300. Half Beaver half 206. Around 700 landings. o_O
What's a "half beaver"?


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Looking like 675, mostly kerosene but fair amount of fun in the mighty C150, C172, C180, 8KCAB, Extra. 253,740 miles.



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I think you win.
I dunno, my schedule looks pretty gross on paper. I start with a reserve line that has 12 days off and pick up 3-4 additional reserve days on those days off. I enjoy life but sometimes I wish I had blocks of days off.


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272 for the year, 18-ish in the 172. One more trip this year which will be about 4 hours. 85-ish overnights, one crossing.

Hoping the SE piston time is a lot higher this coming year.


I'm probably commenting ironically...
25 hours part 135
-then 3 months of Indoc
330 hours A320/321 (credit 778)


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How did I miss this place! Too bad I don't live in Sammamish anymore.
It’s soooo legit. I can be on reserve riding these trails and still make it to SEA on time.

I basically spend all my free time here. I don’t have a gate key yet but I’ve got a combo for the tool chest and I’m starting to fix a few of the problem areas:

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