2018 AvCrew Salary Survey


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Anyone willing to tell me what a mid time King air driver makes on that survey?
Which model King Air? I don’t even have to look at the survey to say that even 90 pilots are making above $55k these days. 200/250 and 300/350 is $75k and up.

Edit: I got ambitious (or bored? Was probably just boredom) and looked it up. AvCrew survey has base salary of 200/300 at $60k low, $90k average, and $133k high. Those are 2018 numbers since this year’s hasn’t been published yet. They are also quite a bit higher than this year’s Pro Pilot Mag, which has it as follows:

Corporate: KA90 - $68k/$81k/$104k. KA200 - $74k/$92k/$106k. KA300 - $79k/$96k/$115k
Charter: KA90 - $51k/$59k/$75k. KA200 - $54k/$66k/$79k. KA300 - $61k/$70k/$88k