Sold 1968 Champion 7ECA

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In time, all things change.

With that in mind, I have decided it is time to part with my Citabria.

1968 Champion 7ECA
2607 TT
1030 SMOH
18 STOH and POH
Annual Inspection due 4/16

Airplane was recovered and new interior installed in 2001. Up until very recently, it has always been hangared and I would say the interior and exterior are in very good condition, say an 8 out of 10.

Garmin GNC 250XL
Garmin SL40
Narco AT50A Transponder

I'm asking $29,500 for it.



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Wood spar?

Yes, it does have a wood spar.

It was being recovered when the AD for the wood spar was proposed. A thorough inspection was done while we had the wings completely open, no defects.

It has had zero high stress or aerobatic flight since it was recovered.


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Great looking airplane. I'm in Lillian if you ever need anyone to knock the rust off. :)


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Finally got a chance to look at this on a big screen and not my phone. Lovely machine.
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