$100 hamburgers or weekend trips from DFW area?


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OUN has a great breakfast and it'd be a nice place to tailgate and catch some football. Fayetteville, AR is really nice and Drake Field used to be great, but I haven't been back since Millionair was kicked out though I loved the area. A lot of people love HOT, but I've only ever stopped for fuel and the airport was nice. LFT is a really cool little town and might be a fun place to catch Mardi Gras or Festival International or just get yourself some good seafood as they've got a great spot for po boys called Old Tyme Grocery.


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Oh man that’s lovely! Got any pointers for 3T0? I’ll probably fly up and check it out next weekend.
It was crowded so overfly first and see if there is a parking spot available. If the wind is out of the south those trees at the east end make landings pretty sporty. Have fun!

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