1. thegriffinpages

    ATP Second In Command Type Rating

    Under Part 121, a First Officer needs an ATP with a Second In Command (SIC) Type Rating. Is that SIC Type Rating the same thing as having a Restricted ATP? I ask this because I'm studying for my Aircraft Dispatch Certification. Some of the questions they ask are about things like approach...
  2. TroopersRotate

    Need help w/ BE1900 question; with autopilot, is it Single PIC, or is SIC required?

    Here are the variables regarding an inter-office dispute. Going to post this so as not to lead towards any one individual's opinion. Any facts and supporting docs or references would be appreciated. 1. Part 135 Cargo - Can the BE1900 (regardless of model) be flown single pilot? 2. Part 135...
  3. Helodriver27

    *Contract SIC*: Citation 500-series and CJ-series (PHX area)

    Looking to pick up some contract SIC work in CE-500-series and CJ-series (CE-525) aircraft: Total Time: 2,205 Pilot in Command: 2,030 Multi-Engine PIC: 615 Turbine: 201 Night: 480 Night Cross-Country: 453 Cross-Country: 1,170 Mountain/High DA: 1,221 Instrument (Sim/Act) 206/124 **Hold SIC...
  4. Helodriver27

    Interesting read put out by the Feds on logging of flight time...

    Hoping this clears some things up. A good read. Not new information, but nice to see some elaboration to help clear up obvious confusion within the industry. Here's a link to the PDF: Logging Pilot in Command Time Once you get a...
  5. North Central Aviation

    Nextant 400XT SIC - Minnesota

    Looking for a 400XT SIC for Part 91 and Part 135 operation 1000TT Commercial rating Salary w/full benefits Based in Minneapolis/ St. Paul Desired: Turbine experience Inquires contact us at