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    Got charged with a DUI. I am still in high school. (18 yrs old)

    I am interested in becoming an airline pilot, but recently I was parked with my keys in the ignition sleeping when I got the cops called on me (I know, I am stupid). The officer did all his tests and came to the conclusion I was under the influence. I have gotten a lawyer and hopefully I can get...
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    Helicopter switch to airplanes.... unique circumstances.

    Hey all, this is my first post. I understand that this question may have been brought up a few times but hang with me a moment and understand why I am bringing it up again. I am a Commercial Helicopter pilot with about 1500 hours PIC. I also have my ASEL. I have worked hard and have had a lot of...
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    HIMS Program

    I have began school and was issued a 1st class medical certificate. And about 2 months later, i received a letter from FAA telling me to provide info about my DUI from 3 years ago. I was arrested for DUI, marijuana related. It was reduced to reckless driving. I provided all the necessary...