1. DogwoodLynx

    Silver Airways - DX/OCC Duty Manager Opening....

  2. mrezee

    Sun Country hiring

    https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/SUN1000SUNCO/JobBoard/5882c1c5-18e3-8740-5e61-37d8f7574d64/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=866615bf-1e31-4cc6-afb3-4db6161c2b84 Good luck to those who apply.
  3. BigAki88

    XOJET Hiring Part 135

    Morning, XOJET is currently hiring for two positions for Flight Operations Analyst (flight follower). Starting pay is $20hr, work schedule is 4 10hr shifts, and currently based out of MCC. Private message me if you have any additional questions, you can apply at the link below...
  4. DogwoodLynx

    What Would You Do If... Interview Questions?

    Studying for an interview. I'm good with the technical stuff, but I really like the critical thinking of scenarios. I made some "What would you do if...." type questions for myself to study, but I was wondering if you folks could come up with some as well. It could be anything dispatch...
  5. LumberjackAviator

    Korean Air Dispatch 2108

    Korean Air just posted a dispatcher position in LAX. Does anyone have any experience working with Korean Air?
  6. DogwoodLynx

    SkyWest DX Opening - Feb 2018

    https://careers-skywest.icims.com/jobs/4916/dispatcher/job Its open again!! Pay is $16.15/hour Good luck to all the applicants!
  7. A

    DX schools that are 8 weeks or longer?

    Looking through the forums here, the most common complaint with DX classes is they try to cram a lot of materials into 4/5 weeks. I was wondering if there are DX schools that offer classes that are 8-12 weeks long? The closest thing I've found is ATP's night class, though I'm not sure how...
  8. thegriffinpages

    Air Wisconsin New Posting Jan 8th

    https://rn21.ultipro.com/AIR1002/JobBoard/JobDetails.aspx?__ID=*E950B172B4CACF3A This is a new posting as of January 8th. Good luck to all that apply!
  9. mrezee

    Endeavor hiring once again

    https://careers-endeavorair.icims.com/jobs/1567/aircraft-dispatcher/job Looking for 3 to start on 2/26. Pay: $14.76/hr to start, plus $6400/yr retention bonus paid out in thirds every 4 months. Contract negotiations will hopefully start in a few more months as our contract is up at the end of...
  10. thegriffinpages

    List of Supplemental 121 Airlines (EDITED with Cities)

    Trying to compile a list of the Supplemental 121 airlines. I have all the regular 121s. So far: Southern Air - Florence KY Dynamic Airways - Greensboro NC Omni Air - Tulsa OK Miami Air - Miami FL Swift Air - Phoenix AZ Xtra Airways - Coral Gables FL (Miami) Kalitta Air - Ypsilanti MI (SE of...
  11. thegriffinpages

    Anyone Else IFOD January?

    Anybody else on here attending IFOD in January?
  12. flyingmedic

    Tattoo Policies.....

    Hey gang.... Is anyone aware of any Airlines that have a tattoo policy that applies to Dispatchers? I know most (if not all) do for FAs and GAs....but I’ve never heard of one as applies to anyone in the OCC (or MX).... For the record, I’m not talking about any inappropriate ones, but have a...
  13. thegriffinpages

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself.....

    Hello folks, I've been lurking on this site for about a week now and thought I'd sign up. A little about myself: I was a Courier for almost 5 years right out of high school. I now work with a contractor for American Airlines at DFW. I love the job, but not sure I'd want to do it for my...
  14. stunnershow


  15. Shock-Diamonds

    Advice for new Dispatcher?

    So, I just finished school and FAA Certification for Dispatch and was wondering if anyone had any good advice? I am a life long aviation enthusiast and grew up into it, but other than a few months of Crew Scheduling, I don't have much experience in the business. Any advice as far as where to...
  16. Shock-Diamonds

    Advice for Aviation Dispatch?

    Hey there, my name is Chris! I was referred to this forum by my brother, who flies for Spirit. I am 29 years old, a long time aviation enthusiast, and looking for some advice on getting my ADX, and becoming a dispatcher. I do not have much time in the airline world, but have spent the last few...
  17. Burrito

    Another Dispatcher's Listing Thread

    Hello friends. I know there's so many ways of doing this, but I'm tired of playing the "just list on company" game and fighting after the damned flights start canceling for stupid reasons. Recently I was told over the phone with a certain luvable airline "they no longer list dispatchers from...
  18. Burrito


    Saw the posting and took a few hours to do some homework. It's sounding like the little airline outta Phoenix is moving to GSO and no one wants to relocate, so they're doing a whole bunch of hiring. Does anyone have any experience? Primarily sports contracts, but there's a few oddballs in...