1. C

    Any AMEs in New York City with Farnsworth lantern test, or OPTEC?

    I am not that color blind, but the color plates test diagnose and disqualify even the slightest of color deficiencies. I understand if you fail you can pass other tests...but I’d rather pass it on my first go. So, are there any AMEs that offer a Farnsworth medical lantern or OPTEC tests? Either...
  2. Fuller

    Failed Drug Test- Xanax

    In the 11th grade I went off to boarding school and the first couple of weeks I hung out with some guys I thought were cool. One night they decided to take Xanax and I had never been exposed to drugs but I took one. Later that night one of the boys got caught and told on everyone. Our school...
  3. broncoav8r

    SFO/OAK AME Rec?

    First time getting a medical in the Bay Area...any reccomendations?