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    Becoming an airline pilot

    HI Im new here and i've read some pretty great threads on here already regarding becoming a pilot as well as using ATP flight school as one path to get there. I am just getting any review, recommendations, etc on ATP and if anyone else has utilized them for their career. Is it recommended and...
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    FedEx Career

    Hi. I'm Blake and I have one year left of high school. I have a passion for flying, and one day I want to be a pilot. Specifically a FedEx pilot. How do I go about doing that? What is the best way? Should I go to the Air Force? Should I go flight school and get my licenses now? I plan on going...
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    I think I've found the solution...maybe

    So I'm a senior in high school this year and I have my sights set on flying for one of the major airlines. I've always loved airplanes and took a discovery flight recently and absolutely loved it! I've applied to most of the big time aviation schools (ERAU, UND, WMU, Lewis, SIU, ASU, Purdue) and...